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What is your weight and age on different planets

What would your weight be on other planets? How old would you be on another planet in the solar system? When would you have your birthday? You can check it with this calculator. You can also check what the weight of any item would be. The calculator will convert your weight and age into the weight and age you would have if you lived on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

Weight and age on the planets

Date of birth

Your weight

How many years and days are you on other planets? What is your weight on other planets?

Mass or your weight or object weight on other planets

Formula for the weight of a body on another planet is as follows $$F=G\cdot\frac{M\cdot m}{r^2}$$ where:
G-gravitational constant;
M-mass of the planet;
m-object mass;
r-distance from the center of the planet.
Because $$G\cdot\frac{M}{r^2}$$ is called the acceleration of gravity on the surface of the planet and denoted by g, which leads to a simple formula linking the mass of a body to its weight: $$ F_{g}=m\cdot g$$

Below is a table according to which we can independently calculate the weight of an object on a given planet.

Planet Equatorial diameter [km] Mass (1021kg) Gravitational acceleration [m/s²]
Mercury 4 879 330,2 3,701
Venus 12 104 4 868,5 8,87
Earth 12 756 5 974,2 9,80
Mars 6 805 641,9 3,69
Jupiter 142 984 1 898 600,8 24,70
Saturn 120 536 568 516,8 8,96
Uranus 51 118 86 841,0 8,69
Neptune 49 528 102 439,6 11
Pluto 2 346 13,03 0,62

The calculator converts your weight (or other object) as if you put a bathroom scale on another planet (assuming you could do it on gas planets) and measured your weight.

Your age in days and years on other planets.

On each of the planets in the solar system, the day and year are different in length. But what is a day and what is a year?

As probably all of us know, the Earth is in motion. In fact, it is several movements at once.

The first is rotation around its axis. The Earth rotates on the axis between the North and South Poles like a spinning top. The time it takes for the Earth to revolve around its axis is called a day. The day is divided into 24 hours, each of which is divided into 60 minutes, and each minute is divided into 60 seconds. Each planet has a different rotation time around its axis. The time of rotation around its axis, e.g. of great Jupiter, is approx. 10 hours (this is the Jupiter day), while the full rotation of small Venus is approx. 5832 hours (i.e. one Venus day lasts approx. 243 Earth days).

The second movement is the orbit of the earth around the sun. The earth orbits the sun like a yo-yo toy spun overhead. We define the full circle of the earth around the sun as a year. The year is just over 365 days. As we already know from elementary school, planets closer to the sun have a smaller orbit than planets further away. Therefore, the time of their circulation varies. The closest planet to the sun, Mercury, takes only 88 days to complete a revolution around the sun, and the farthest dwarf planet Pluto takes 248 Earth years.

Below is a table with the rotation and orbital times for all planets.

Planet Rotation period around the axis Circulation time in days
Mercury 58d 15h 26m 87,969
Venus 243d 0h 27m 224,701
Earth 23h 56m 04s 365,256
Mars 24h 37m 23s 686,960
Jupiter 9h 55m 30s 4 333,287
Saturn 10h 39m 22s 10 756,200
Uranus 17h 14m 24s 30 707,490
Neptune 16h 06m 36s 60 223,353
Pluto 6d 9h 21m 36s 90 403

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