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Percent concentration - weight

Using this calculator you can calculate the percentage concentration, also called the percentage by weight of chemical substances in mixtures and solutions.
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Percent concentration - weight



Percent concentration - weight

Percent concentration it is the proportion of chemical substances in mixtures and solutions expressed as a percentage.

The term usually means the content of a dispersed or dissolved substance in relation to the whole mixture or solution, but sometimes also the percentage of unsaturated solution in relation to saturated solution is determined (under the same thermodynamic conditions)).

This concept is not as unambiguous as in the case of a molar concentration, because weight, volume or a combination of these can be taken into account for its calculation.

The classic weight percentage is the number of grams of the compound that is present in 100 g of solution, however, in the case of dilute aqueous solutions, the percentage usually means in practice the number of grams of a chemical compound present in 100 cm³ of solution, since it is assumed that approximately such solutions have density similar to water - that is 100 g / 100 cm³. In the case of more concentrated solutions, however, this is no longer true and the density of such solutions may deviate significantly from this value.

$$ C_{p}=\frac{m_{s}}{m_{s}+m_{rozp}} \cdot 100% $$
\( m_{s} \)- mass of dissolved substance [g],
\( m_{rozp} \)- solvent mass [g],

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