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Calculator of bricks needed to build a wall

The calculator is designed to calculate the amount of bricks or blocks needed. How many bricks do we need to build a wall of the given size, including wall openings and joints, how many bricks should we order, taking into account waste and what will be their weight.
To obtain the result, enter the length and height of the wall, opening areas (e.g. doors, windows, etc.), length and height of a brick or block, width of the vertical and horizontal joint, wall depth (whether it will be made of one or more rows of bricks), bricks and waste factor (often provided by the manufacturer).

Brick / block quantity calculator

Wall length m
Wall height m
Brick-free surface (holes) m2
Brick length mm
Brick height mm
Thickness of the horizontal joint
Thickness of the vertical joint
Wall depth (number of bricks)
One brick weight grams
Waste factor %

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