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Weight Loss Readiness Assessment - Are you ready to successfully implement your weight loss plan?

Did you know that proper preparation is an essential factor in losing weight successfully? This test will not only help you answer the question of whether you have a chance of successful weight loss, but it will also indicate the factors that are necessary in preparation for this process.

The weight loss process can be tedious, time-consuming, requiring a strong will and many changes in our current lifestyle. Only proper preparation in every area of ​​life (emotional, mental, physical) gives us a chance for effective weight loss.

Evaluate your abilities and check if you are ready now. If the result shows that you are not 100% ready, don't worry, keep working and try to influence the factors that you can change. Remember that just waiting for everything to be perfect in your life is not a good option as it may never happen. You must take active steps to prepare for the weight loss process and most of all you must want it.

Read each question carefully. Answer truthfully, otherwise you will only fool yourself. Take as much time as you need. Remember that all answers are anonymous, they are not saved anywhere and the result is only for you.

Assessment of readiness to lose weight

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