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Gauss-Crout elimination - solving any systems of equations - calculator

You can calculate any system of linear equations, both homogeneous and heterogeneous with any number of unknowns by Gauss-Crout elimination method. To solve the system of equations using the Gauss-Crout method, enter values by in the text field. the following rule:
- In the first line we enter the number n (number of lines)
- Data from each equation should be entered in separate lines
- The entered coefficients must be separated by at least one space
- The last factor in the line is the factor after the equals sign in equation

eg for a system of equations with five unknowns:

2x1 - 2x2 + 2x3 - 7x4 + 6x5 = -4
7x1 - 3x2 - 2x3 + 7x4 + 2x5 = 11
2x1 + 2x2 - 1x3 + 1x4 + 4x5 = 9
9x1 + 8x2 - 2x3 + 2x4 - 2x5 = 21
4x1 + 8x2 - 3x3 + 3x4 - 1x5 = 16

Solving systems of equations with the improved Gauss-Crout elimination method

a1,1x1  +  a1,2x2  +  a1,3x3  +    ...    +  a1,n-1xn-1  +  a1,nxn  =  b1
a2,1x1  +  a2,2x2  +  a2,3x3  +    ...    +  a2,n-1xn-1  +  a2,nxn  =  b2
a3,1x1  +  a3,2x2  +  a3,3x3  +    ...    +  a3,n-1xn-1  +  a3,nxn  =  b3
...  +  ...  +  ...  +  ...  +  ...  +  ...  =  ...
an-1,1x1  +  an-1,2x2  +  an-1,3x3  +    ...    +  an-1,n-1xn-1  +  an-1,nxn  =  bn-1
an,1x1  +  an,2x2  +  an,3x3  +    ...    +  an,n-1xn-1  +  an,nxn  =  bn


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