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Circle - geometric figure calculator

Thanks to the calculator, you can easily calculate the area of a circle, the circumference of a circle, the area of a circle segment and the length of the circle arc.


Circle - Area

$$ \Large{S=\pi r^2 \approx 3.14r^2} $$
Radius (r)

Area (S)

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Circle - Circumference

$$ \Large{L=2\pi r \approx 6.28r} $$
Radius (r)

Circumference (L)

Circle - Field of a circle sector

$$ \Large{S=\frac{\alpha}{360}\pi r^2} $$
Radius (r)

Center angle of the sector (\( \alpha \))

Area (S)

Circle - Length of the arc of a circle

$$ \Large{L=\frac{\alpha \pi r}{180}} $$
Radius (r)

Center angle of the sector (\( \alpha \))

Length of the arc of a circle

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