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Percentile, Centile - calculator with explanation

With the percentile calculator you will calculate the percentile position and find the value. Percentile or centile is a measure in statistics that indicates a value for which P Percentage of the Population is equal to or less than that value and 100-P is greater.

Percentile, Centile - calculator with explanation

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Percentile, Centile

The centile, or percentile , is a measure in statistics that indicates a value below which the percentage of observations falls. It belongs to positional measures of position like median and quartile. Except that the median divides the collected observations into half, quartiles into quarters, and percentiles into hundredths. Of course, if the median shows 50% of the observations, the 50 percentile will also divide the population into half. It is similar with the quartiles because the 25th, 50th, 75th percentile will show us observations such as the Q1 quartile, Q2 quartile and Q3 quartile.

One of the concepts behind the P -th percentile is its position n in the N list of sorted values (lowest to highest). The percentile position (number) indicates a value in the list for which P percentage of population is equal to or less than that value and 100-P is greater. We determine the position of the percentile based on the formula:

$$ n = \frac{P}{100} \cdot N $$ where
\(P\)- percentile;
\(N\)- number of observations (amount of data).

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