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How to convert cat age to human age? Cat age calculator for human age

How to convert cat's age into human's age? How old is a cat in human years? How long does a cat live? Cat Age Calculator can help you with these and other questions. By giving the cat's age, we will find out how old he would be if he were a human. We can also check what age a cat would be at our age.

How to convert cat age to human age? Cat age calculator

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How long do cats live and how to convert cat years to human years?

How long do cats live?

The lifespan of a cat depends on many factors:

  • breeds
  • environments
  • genetics
  • diets
  • sterilization
  • lifestyle and care

All of the above factors affect your cat's lifespan. Cat's breed affects its lifespan. However, studies have shown that mixed breed cats are generally more robust and live longer than pure breed cats.

Sterilization can be a significant factor in your cat's lifespan. Sterilization eliminates the risk of developing diseases that may affect the cat's reproductive system in old age. Kittens live one to two years longer than cats.

Another important - and even the most important - factor that affects a cat's lifespan is its environment. Homeless and feral cats live up to three times shorter than domestic cats.
House cats are typically sterilized, vaccinated, and free from the stresses, risks, and dangers of the outside world. They are fed regularly and have easy access to fresh and clean water. The research shows that the average life expectancy of a domestic cat is 14-20 years, which is about 17 years on average.
Homeless and feral cats live much shorter. The neighborhood in which it lives affects the life expectancy of a homeless cat. It is important whether he lives in the city or in the countryside, near roads or in a remote area, or near larger predators, whether he has a place to hide from the weather and whether there are more stray cats in the area. The factors limiting the life expectancy of a homeless cat are also increased exposure to fleas, ticks and other parasites and diseases. Outdoors, cats can also get into fights with other cats, leading to injury and scratching, and are at risk of accidents. The average life expectancy of a homeless cat is dramatically low and ranges from 3 to 11 years, which gives an average of about 7 years.


The longest-lived cat was 38 years and 3 days (more than twice the life expectancy of this species). It was a Creme Puff female cat, who lived from August 3, 1967 to August 6, 2005. Her owner was Jake Perry, who also owned another long-lived female cat - Granpa, a sphinx breed who died in 1998 at the age of 34 years and 2 months.

How to convert cat years into human years?

Of course, there is no single mathematical formula (or at least not a simple one), and there is no conversion factor that would be able to give 100% accuracy to the age of a particular cat in human years. Because there are too many factors influencing his life expectancy. Vitality is also important because not one adult cat can behave like a kitten.

Cat age does not have a linear curve compared to human age.

The conversion of a cat's age into human years is based on many studies and observations carried out by veterinarians.

As with many animals, a cat's 'childhood' and 'maturation' progress much faster than in humans. In the first two years of its life, a cat develops much faster than humans, and it can be assumed that one month of a cat's life corresponds to one year of human life. For example, a cat at 1 month is the equivalent of a one-year-old baby, a cat at 2 years old is a man at 24. After 2 years, the cat's age is calculated on average so that one year of a cat's life equals 4 human years.

Below is a table of cat age conversion into human years, also used in our cat age calculator

1 month 1 baby
2 months 3
3 months 4
4 months 8
5 months 9
6 months 10
7 months 11 child
8 months 11
9 months 12
10 months 13
11 months 14
12 months 15
13 months 16
14 months 17
15 months 17
16 months 18
17 months 19
18 months 20
19 months 20
20 months 21
21 months 22
22 months 23
23 months 23
2 years 24
3 years 28 young
4 years 32
5 years 36
6 years 40
7 years 44 adult
8 years 48
9 years 52
10 years 56
11 years 60 old
12 years 64
13 years 68
14 years 72
15 years 76 venerable
16 years 80
17 years 84
18 years 88
19 years 92
20 years 96
21 years 100 long-lived
22 years 104
23 years 108
24 years 112
25 years 116

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