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Online tool for drawing graphs of any function.

With this online function graph plotter, you can draw any function. On one graph you can draw any three functions and compare their parameters. You can create graphs for many equations and functions. The tool draws:
- basic functions (roots, exponents, logarithms, ...),
- nested functions,
- trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent square, arc tangent, secans, arc cosecans, ...),
- hyperbolic functions (hyperbolic coinus, hyperbolic cotangent, hyperbolic area sinus, hyperbolic area cosecans, ...),
- non-differentiable functions (Absolute Value, Modulo Division, Falk Haar, Möbius Function, Random Number, Binomial Coefficient, ...),
- probability functions (Normal distribution, Chi-square, Student's t-distribution, Fisher's distribution, Erlang's distribution, ...),
- statistical functions (Median, Lévy's distribution, Rayleigh's distribution, Weibull's distribution, ...),
- special functions (parabolic trajectory, semicircle curve, Bernoulli Lemniscate, Rule of three, Gaussian error function, ...),
- program functions (Characteristic boolean function, Defined boolean function, ...),
- conditional functions (Inverse conditional function, Weighted conditional function, ...),
- iterations / iteration functions (Iterated arithmetic mean, Mandelbrot function, Previous function value, ...),
- fractals (single random function, Weierstrass function, Takagi-Landsberg curve, ...),
- differential equations,
- integral equations,
- statistical averages (Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Square Mean,),
- discrete distributions (Binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, Geometric distribution, Logarithmic distribution, Uniform distribution, ...),
- constant numbers (e, pi, golden ratio relation, Feigenbaum constant, ...),
- curves (Gauss bell curve, triangle curve, square curve, semi-ellipse curve, serpentine curve, ...),
- basic arithmetic operations,
- polynomials, etc.

Before using the chart drawing tool, please read the instructions below.

Online tool for drawing graphs of any function.


First graph:

 f(x)   Derivative   Integral
Domain from  to
Color:    Line:     Show term

Second graph:

 g(x)   Derivative   Integral
Domain from to
Color:    Line:     Show term

Third graph:

 h(x)   Derivative   Integral
Domain from to
   Line:     Show term

 Range x-axis from  to
 Range y-axis from  to
 Intervals x-axis:  y-axis:
 Reticule lines x-axis:  y-axis:
 Dashes length x-axis:  y-axis:
 Decimal places:  Gap at origin:
 Graph thickness:  Circle at origin:
 Log. scale x: No 2 e 10 100 or
 Log. scale y: No 2 e 10 100 or

 Reticule lines  Axis lines  Caption  Dashes  Frame  Errors  Def. Q=  

Background: Lines: Grid: Gap:

 Antialiasing  Poles

Gamma: Brightness: Contrast: Rotation: °

Emboss Blur Negative Greyscale Sketchy Edges only

Your own color 1: # Your own color 2: #
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