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Spelling words with the phonetic alphabet - converter, translator

Using this translator / converter you can quickly and easily check how to spell each word using the international (and not only) phonetic alphabet.
Spelling words with phonetic alphabets is mainly used in voice communication. It consists in assigning fixed words to each letter of the alphabet. Probably everyone has heard in the film how the aircraft tower service called the plane after its registration marks, eg Lima Sierra Foxtrot Charlie X-ray, it meant that the plane with the LS-FCX marks was called. If we want to spell a word during an important telephone conversation, it is better to use the phonetic alphabet, eg by giving the name or the name of the town, etc. To this, the following converter - translator - comes to our aid. We can quickly check how to spell the given words. Besides the NATO International Phonetic Alphabet, you will find spelling in other languages.

Spelling words with the phonetic alphabet - converter, translator

Phonetic alphabet

Spelling words using the phonetic alphabet

Spelling words in voice radio communications serves to improve the intelligibility of the transmitted signs and other relevant information.

During radio communications, it is often necessary to spell callsigns, place names, surnames or other words (usually of foreign origin). This is especially true when the correspondents are poorly heard.

Spelling consists in replacing individual letters with colloquial, conventional words beginning with that letter. In international communications, the system used by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is used.

ICAO Phonetic Alphabet also known as NATO Phonetic Alphabet , also International Phonetic Alphabet - the most widespread spelling system for words in some specific applications, e.g. aviation for communication radio, amateur radio or other voice communication.

Originally part of the International Code of Signals (INTERCO), developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In the 1950s, it was adopted by NATO, and then became the binding standard for many institutions, especially American ones, incl. International Telecommunications Union (ITU), International Maritime Organization (IMO), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

The main advantage of this coding is its simplicity, unambiguity and resistance to interference. Since the syllable pattern of the individual code words is not repeated, even fragmentary transmission can be understood.

Below is a table with phonetic alphabets.

Letter NATO (ICAO) Polish Spanish German French NYPD
A Alpha Adam Antonio Anatole Adam Alpha
B Bravo Barbara Barcelona Berta Berthe Boy
C Charlie Celina Carmen Cäsar Célestin Charlie
D Delta Dorota Dolores Dora Désiré David
E Echo Ewa Enrique Emil Eugène Edward
F Foxtrot Franciszek Francia Friedrich François Frank
G Golf Genowefa Gerona Gustav Gaston George
H Hotel Henryk Historia Heinrich Henri Henry
I India Irena Inés Ida Irma Ida
J Juliet Jadwiga José Julius Joseph John
K Kilo Karol Kilo Kaufmann Kléber King
L Lima Leon Lorenzo Ludwig Louis Lincoln
M Mike Maria Madrid Martha Marcel Mary
N November Natalia Navarra Nordpol Nicolas Nora
O Oscar Olga Oviedo Otto Oscar Ocean
P Papa Paweł París Paula Pierre Peter
Q Quebec Quantum Querido Quelle Quintal Queen
R Romeo Roman Ramón Richard Raoul Robert
S Sierra Stanisław (Stefan) Sábado Samuel Suzanne Sam
T Tango Tadeusz Tarragona Theodor Thérèse Tom
U Uniform Urszula Ulises Ulrich Ursule Union
V Victor Violeta Valencia Viktor Victor Victor
W Whiskey Wacław Washington Wilhelm William William
X X-ray Xawery Xiquena Xanthippe Xavier X-ray
Y Yankee Ypsylon (Yeti, Igrek) Yegua Ypsilon Yvonne Young
Z Zulu Zygmunt Zaragoza Zeppelin Zoé Zebra

More on: Wikipedia - Spelling alphabet, Wikipedia - NATO phonetic alphabet

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