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Time value of money (TVM) - present (PV) and future (FV)

The calculator helps you to calculate the present value of money (PV) and the future value of money (FV) in time.

Time value of money (TVM) - present (PV) and future (FV) - calculator


CF - cash flow
Annual interest rate
Annual growth rate
Number of periods

Usefull information
The concept of a variable value over time can be explained as follows: the same sum of money received today and that received for the year do not have the same value. It is the result of action following factors:
  • a decrease in purchasing power - this is a consequence of positive inflation; this means that a product priced today at 1000 MU (monetary units) after a year will most likely cost more than 1000 MU
  • the possibility of investing - assuming a profitable investment, the amount of 1000 MU after investing for a certain period is worth more than 1000 MU
  • occurrence of risk - risk occurs when it is possible to obtain in the future a sum of money less than the sum that a given person (investor) expects to receive
  • preference for current consumption - most people prefer current consumption over future consumption, i.e. 1000 MU is now more valued than the sum of 1000 MU spent on consumption after a year

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