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Daltons law of partial volume calculator

Thanks to the calculator, you can calculate the partial volume according to Daltons law.
To obtain the result, enter the appropriate data.

Dalton's law - partial volume

The number of moles individual components

Dalton's law - partial volume

Dalton's law – a joint term for two different laws, formulated by John Dalton, which are mutually complementary:
- partial pressure law
- partial volume law

If gas 'i' is a perfect gas, then according to the Clapeyron equation, the partial volume is expressed by the formula:

$$ V_{i} = \frac{n_{i}}{p}RT $$
The sum of the partial pressures of gases i = 1...k is:

$$ \sum_{i=1}^{k} V_{i} = \sum_{i=1}^{k} \frac{n_{i}}{p}RT = \frac{n}{p}RT = V $$

\( n_i \)– The number of moles individual components,
\( p \)- pressure,
\( R \)- Universal constant gas,
\( T \)- temperature,

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