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Basal metabolic rate (BMR) - calculator

Using the calculator, you will calculate the basic metabolic rate (BMR-basal metabolic rate) and the amount of calories needed to supplement, i.e. burned by the body on an empty stomach (in the morning, without a meal), in physical and mental peace.

Online tool for drawing graphs of any function.

With this online function graph plotter, you can draw any function. On one graph you can draw any three functions and compare their parameters. You can create graphs for many equations and functions.

Quartiles Q1, Q2, Q3 of the interval series

With this statistical calculator, you will learn how to calculate the lower quartile, middle quartile, and upper quartile of an interval resolution series.

Interest coverage ratio - calculator

The calculator is used to calculate the coverage of bills by profit before paying off the tax bill.

Hexagon - diagonals, area, perimeter, sides

Hexagon calculator will help you calculate the long diagonal of the hexagon, the short diagonal of the hexagon, the side length, height, area of the hexagon, the radius of the circumscribed circle and the radius of the circle inscribed in a regular hexagon.

Floor panels and materials calculator

Flooring Calculator is a complete tool to calculate the costs and materials needed to lay a wooden floor. Thanks to the calculator, we will find out how many packages of panels, underlay, vapor barrier foil under the panels, skirting boards, connectors, corners and plugs will be needed, as well as the cost of all materials including labor.

Addition in columns

With this calculator you will learn how to add in columns. You can check if the addition you have made is correct

Geometric mean calculator

With this calculator you will calculate the geometric mean, also called the power mean of the zero order.

Trapezium - diagonals, area, perimeter, sides

Trapezium (trapezoid) calculator will help you calculate the long diagonal of the trapezium, the short diagonal of the trapezium, the side length, height, area and perimeter of the trapezium.

Heart attack risk

Thanks to the calculator, you can use several factors to check the degree of risk of a heart attack in the next ten years.

Calculator for maximum heart rate and heart rate zones for training

How to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate (HRMAX)? Which heart rate zones to choose for training and how to calculate the heart rate zones? At what heart rate is the best fat burning, and at what will we increase our efficiency and improve the condition? The calculator for maximum heart rate and heart rate zones can help answer these questions. You will calculate both your maximum and optimal heart rate and select the heart rate ranges for the appropriate training.

Parallelogram - diagonals, area, perimeter, sides

Parallelogram calculator will help you calculate the long diagonal of the parallelogram, the short diagonal of the parallelogram, the side length, heights, area of the parallelogram.

Time value of money (TVM) - present (PV) and future (FV) - calculator

The calculator helps you to calculate the present value of money (PV) and the future value of money (FV) in time.

Nicotine addiction calculator

Check to what extent you are addicted to nicotine.

COSECANS calulator

With the COSECANS trigonometric calculator you can calculate the values of any cosecans function. In addition to the response results, the calculator will also plot the selected function. You can choose one of the preset functions, e.g. cosecant, arccosec - arccosecant, cosech - hyperbolic cosecant, arcosech - inverse cosech, or you can enter your own function, e.g. cosec(x) * cosec(x) * cosec(x) for cosec3 (x), cosec(2x), cosec(x+3), cosec(x^2) etc.

Median, Mode, Arithmetic mean

The online calculator calculates the median called the median value or the average value, the most common numbers in the given set, i.e. the mode, by examining whether it exists, the arithmetic mean and sorts the data in ascending order.

Mode of the series of distributing class intervals

Online calculator calculates the mode of series of distributing class intervals. You learn how to find the Modal value for a grouped data with different intervals between the data classes.

Body fat content - a method of measuring skin folds in 3 places

The Body Fat percentage calculator will help you calculate the amount of fat stored in your body. It uses a method of measuring skin folds in three different places on the body.

Amount of concrete needed for the foundation or ceiling

Calculator of the amount of concrete needed to build a foundation slab or a concrete ceiling.

Daily water requirement

The calculator will calculate how much water you should consume to supplement your daily requirement.

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